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About a week ago, the US Mint released the buy skyblock coins Silver Proof Set. Along with the previously released 2010 Mint Set and 2010 Proof Set, these three sets comprise the Mint’s most popular annual set offerings.

2010 Silver Proof Set

The latest set includes a total of fourteen different proof coins. The unique aspect of this set is that the dime, quarters, and half dollar are struck in a composition of 90% silver. The remaining seven coins are struck in their standard compositions.

The 2010 Silver Proof Set is priced at a lofty $56.95 per set. Although this seems steep, the precious metals value of the silver coins included in the set is more than $26.

An interesting aspect of this set is the fact that only two of the coins included have not yet been released in prior formats. The clad proof coins were previously released in the regular 2010 Proof Set. The silver proof America the Beautiful Quarters were previously released in the separate five coin set. Only the silver proof Kennedy Half Dollar and Roosevelt Dime are fresh releases.

After the first few weeks of sales, the US Mint sold more than 200,000 of the 2010 Silver Proof Sets, which was a surprisingly strong number!

Platinum Eagles Sell Out

After less than one week, the 2010 Proof Platinum Eagle has sold out at the United States Mint. Collectors quickly ordered up the maximum mintage of 10,000 coins and prompted the US Mint to close orders by Thursday of the following week. At that point, a waiting list was opened, but that soon closed as well.

2010 Platinum Eagles

The sell out happened slightly faster than the prior year proof Platinum Eagle, despite the fact that the mintage was set 25% higher and the price was $100 higher. Last year, the sell out took slightly longer than one week.

In terms of overall mintages, the 2010 Platinum Eagle ranks as the highest mintage for a one ounce proof coin since 2000 when 12,453 were sold. The all time high for a one ounce coin was set in the first year of issue 1997 with 20,851 coins sold. Comparisons are hindered by the fact that in years 2008 and prior, the US Mint offered a full range of bullion weights for the proof coin offerings and a 4 coin set. From 2009 onwards, collectors only have the one ounce version of the coin available.

2010 Platinum Eagle Proof Coin

Today the US Mint released the 2010 American Platinum Eagle Proof Coin.The release comes much earlier than last year’s coin, which was delayed until December.

2010 Proof Platinum Eagle

This year’s coin features the theme “To Establish Justice”, continuing the presentation of the core concepts of American democracy. Blindfolded justice is depicted hold scales. She is blindfolded to represent impartiality. A tiny American Eagle privy mark also appears, keeping in tune with the series name. The obverse of the coin features the Statue of Liberty as designed by John Mercanti.

The 2010 Platinum Eagle Proof coins are only available in one ounce size. In years 2008 and prior, a range of fractional weight proof coins and a 4 coin set had been offered. The value of the precious metals content makes this an expensive coin, with initial pricing of $1,892. The maximum mintage established by the US Mint is 10,000 coins.

Last year, the 2009 Proof Platinum Eagle had actually sold out in one week. That coin was priced $100 lower to start, and also had a maximum mintage 2,000 coins fewer. Will there be a repeat sell out this year?

Bullion versions of the Platinum Eagles have not been offered by the US Mint in almost two years. Presumably this is related to the US Mint’s difficulties having precious metals manufactured into blanks, although the Mint has not released any statements explaining the absence of the platinum bullion coins, specifically.

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