Geo-Targeting Is Essential For Local Businesses

Do you do business in a certain geographic area? If so, You’ll want to have your website search engine optimized for that targeted area. It’s called geo-targeting.

What is the benefit of geo-targeting?

As with any targeted marketing, you target your marketing efforts toward a specific market niche. If you are an auto mechanic, you likely will not be doing business with automobile owners 2,000 miles away. The exception would be when those automobile owners are traveling through or visiting your area. In a word, they must come to you.

Unlike selling products that can be delivered digitally or mailed, a service must be performed (in most cases) at a specific location. A real estate agent can only travel so far before it is no longer profitable. A florist may deliver flowers a few miles outside of its immediate location but it likely will not deliver into the next state over. Masseurs, physical trainers, retail shop owners, landscapers and other service professionals are many times, due to the nature of their business, relegated to a specific geographic area for conducting business. That doesn’t mean doing business on the Web is not for you, however.

The first step to doing business online is your website. There are ways of ensuring that you get found by your local customers. You should, of course, submit your website for inclusion in the search engines’ local search categories. But beyond that, you also need to pay attention to how your website is optimized.

If you don’t know about keywords, it’s time to learn. But don’t just use keywords specific to your industry. Those are important but for local businesses, you also need to include local geographic terms – city names, counties, parishes, postal codes, whatever people in your area would use to refer to your area. Whether you do business in Scotland, the U.S., Costa Rica, Asia, Europe or Australia, if you own a local business then you must optimize your website for geo-targeted traffic.

Geo-targeting requires the proper use of industry specific keywords plus your geographic keywords. An auto detailer, for instance, might use “auto body” and Sydney, Australia. The health trainer might use “physical fitness” and Dallas, Texas. The pet store owner might use “poodle” and “Ontario, Canada.” The words must be used in together with the right mix and density in order to ensure a high ranking with the search engines. It all starts with effective keyword research.

Just keep this one thing in mind: If you want your local customers to find you, you need to make it easy for them to do so. That entails using keyword-rich text on your website that will give you a leg up in the search engines for local people looking for your type of business.

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