Google vs. Yahoo: Which SE Should You Use For Your PPC Campaign?

As an example, below I compare the steps required for the simple task of renaming a campaign for Yahoo versus Google:

1. Log into your account. You will be presented with your account dashboard.
2. Click on the name of the campaign you wish to change
3. Click on “Edit Campaign” in the top right.
4. Click “Edit” at the top right of the “Campaign General Information” box.
5. Change the account name.
6. Click “Save Changes”.
7. Then click “Dashboard” to return to where you were.

Google AdWords:
1. Log into your account. You will be presented with the “All campaigns” view.
2. Click the checkbox beside the campaign you wish to rename and click “Edit Campaign”.
3. Enter a new campaign name.
4. Click “Save Changes” (also brings you back to where you were).

Why is it that Yahoo takes 7 steps to do something that Google can do in only 4? Not to mention multiple campaigns edits. If for some reason you wanted to rename all your Google campaigns at once, it would still take only 3 main steps plus 1 step for each campaign name changed. For Yahoo you would need to repeat all 7 steps for each campaign. These same basic steps are also required for other edits such as campaign budgets, start and end dates, and to turn a campaign on or off.

This example is not really a big deal in the large scheme of things, but is simply an indication that while Panama is a large improvement, there is still much room for refinement. As Yahoo moves forward into 2007 I am sure we will see more advancements and changes to the main navigation.

This is really not a fair comparison. When it comes to pay-per-click campaigns, Yahoo and Google are apples and oranges. The reason is not in the platforms but in the audiences. Not the same people use the search engines.

Techies and savvy Web uses tend to migrate toward Google. New Internet users and people who make fewer searches tend to use Yahoo. Compare the following two well-known statistics:

  • Google has the lion’s share of searches online
  • Yahoo is the most trafficked website online

How can this be? I believe these facts can be reconciled this way: People who make a lot of online searches use Google. There are fewer of these but it’s a significant enough number that it can skew the statistics in favor of Google. On the other hand, more people use Yahoo because it is so easily accessible. Yahoo makes it easy for people to personalize their home page and to make the search engine the home page on their IE. Yahoo could very well call Yahoo “the people’s search engine” and Google the search engine of choice for the Internet elite.

Depending on your product or service and who your target market is, you’ll want to carefully choose which search engine you wage your PPC campaign at. If you target savvy search engine users, you’ll want to use Google. If your target market is experience webmasters, go Google. However, if you run a small shop that targets local prospects who are more likely to use Yahoo for their searches, then you should use Yahoo for your PPC campaign.

What it really all boils down to is, Do you know your target? Do you know your market? And do you know youor customers? That should be your starting point.

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