SEOs Who Party Like It’s 1999

That’s why I find it difficult to understand search engine optimizers who party like it’s 1999 – using invisible text and hidden links in some pathetic, misguided attempt to trick the search engines into believing their site content is the most relevant. I mean, what are they thinking? I’ve heard excuses like “the search engine guidelines are unclear so we have no choice but to push the envelope”. Give me a break. The search engine guidelines are quite obvious to those who are actually good at SEO and understand what is necessary to achieve results for their clients. Many search engines even publish their guidelines clear as day on their sites. Unfortunately, it seems this industry is full of lazy non-performers who prefer to rely on outdated cheat sheets that haven’t worked for years.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. These types of SEOs are either up to no good or their just plain ignorant. No webmaster should trust them.

If you want to rank high in the search engines, it’s not hard. You just have to have right site concept, make good use of your keywords and links and build solid content pages. Put a blog on your site, or on another site and promote your website like crazy. Write articles and distribute them to article directories. Do some link building. Visit a few forums. Make comments on other blogs, etc. The hard part is the work. Maybe that’s why these 1999ers don’t do so well. It involves work.

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